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AltaCom II Weatherstation for Racing and Dyno

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Remote Sensor Housing of the AltaCom II

AltaCom II is a racing weatherstation designed for superior in-field operation. From sensor specifications and board design to the remote sensing, paging functions, and software; every choice has been made to provide you with stable, accurate platform you can rely on.

The AltaCom II is used successfully by professional and sportsman racers. We have customers in all IHRA and NHRA drag racing classes, and in NASCAR, SCCA, IROC, Formula One and offshore boat racing. These drivers and teams appreciate our responsive customer service, and the superior accuracy of our AltaCom II.

AltaCom II Standard Features

AltaCom II is an excellent weatherstation for tuning, racing and dyno work. The fan-aspirated remote sensor housing are mounted above the trailer roof or in the plenum. The remote cable permits flexible setup, with the console located for convenient viewing. The LCD on the console updates every 20 seconds. The console logs data to internal memory, and can be connected to a PC with the included serial cable for downloading and live data display on screen Both 12 volt power cord and 110 supply are included.

Front panel of the console showing scroll switch, backlit LCD and indicator lights.
Front and Rear Panels of AltaCom II
Rear panel of the console showing on-off switch, antenna connections, power jack, serial number, FCC ID, Remote Sensor Housing Connection, Serial Cable Connection, and extra data ports.
Console, Sensor Housing and Pager Merlin Screenshots
Console, Pager and Remote Sensor Housing shown above left. Above right is a Merlin Screenshot.

AltaCom II Options

  • PRO Anemometer (wind speed and direction as well as maximum gust)
  • Auxillary Temperature Sensor (Track Temp)
  • Custom Cabling for larger trailers
  • J10 and J20 Panel Mount Cable Connector for Custom Trailer Installations
  • Permanent Mount Antenna
  • Extra Pagers

Upgrades for Owners of Older AltaComs



  • 2.5"h x 6.25"w x 8"d
  • weight 2.5 lbs
  • rubber standoffs
  • memory write interval = 10 minutes / 1021 samples
  • front panel LCD
  • rear panel has on/off switch and connections -DB25 f RS232, DB9 f to Remote Sensor Housing, power supply port
  • LCD is 2 x 16 character supertwist backlight, 20 sec update and scroll button
  • Additional Input Ports: 4 A/D RG11, 1 digital W/S

Remote Sensor Housing

  • Durable ABS
  • milled vents
  • powerful ventilation fan
  • Aluminum Solar Roof with Standoffs
  • DB9m
  • PVC Mounting Mast

The Sensors

SensorFull Scale SpecificationsSensor Type
Temperature 0 - 125 x 0.1F x 1%Semiconductor with a linear output.
Relative Humidity0 - 100% x 0.1% x 3%IC (Integrated Circuit) with linear output and multi-point calibration for full scale repeatability.
Absolute Barometric Pressure21 - 31.5"Hg x 0.01 x 0.1IC with built-in signal conditioning and temperature compensation.
Ambient Light0-1000IC with linear output.

AltaCom Improvements (Recent History)

Improvements in 2008

Merlin 7.25 for Vista and Win XP

New features include Trend weather and weather graphing, automatic COM port selection, and the manual being integrated under the Help Menu.

Improvements in 2007

  • Updated Software Merlin 6.51.b
  • Revised and Enhanced Merlin Manual (now 32 pp)
  • New Optional Pole Mounting Clamps

Improvements in 2006

  • New Larger Aluminum Solar Shield
  • New PRO Anemometer
  • PRO Anemometer Upgrade Offered to owners of older AltaComs
  • New Optional Console Mounting Bracket
  • Improved 3 db Gain Antenna
  • Updated Software Merlin v6.25
  • J20 Designed for Custom Trailer Installations

Improvements in 2005

  • AltaCom Version 2.54 allows automatic paging to be turned off
  • Support for AltaWeather Software
  • Upgrade offered for New Remote Sensor Housing
  • J10 designed for Custom Trailer Installations

Improvements for 2004

  • New Ambient Light Sensor
  • New Remote Sensor Design
  • New Mounting Mast
  • Simplified Cable Assembly
  • Updated Software Merlin v6.2
  • New 26 pg Merlin Manual
  • USB to Serial Support
  • New Digital Pagers
  • New Digital Radio and Upgraded Power Supply